Marriage Loan

Wedding rings, wedding dress, reception, all this has a cost that couples can not always finance on their own.

In some cases, relatives can help, but it is possible to use a loan for more discretion and autonomy. If you are in Belgium, a personal loan helps you finance part of the expenses necessary to organize your wedding.

What is it about ?

This is a loan allowing couples in need of capital, prepare the best day of their lives with confidence. Banks classify this credit as personal loans. You can subscribe to it without the need to provide justifications. However, to increase your chances of obtaining it, it would be wise to inform your banker that you subscribe to this loan to finance your wedding. He may then ask you for some supporting documents to verify your claims.

What will it serve?

As this is an installment loan, the contract does not specifically stipulate the use of borrowed money.

The sum obtained can thus be used to cover all the expenses related to the celebration as a whole. You can allocate it to different expenses like:

  • Buying bridal outfits and wedding rings
  • The rental of the reception room and the payment of the caterers
  • The payment of photographers and videographers
  • The decoration of the room
  • Announcements and thank you cards
  • The honeymoon
  • Etc.

The advantage of subscribing to this type of loan is that you know from the outset the time of your commitment and the amount you will have to repay.

Generally, this is a short or medium term contract, which does not commit you for a long time. The interest applied to this type of loan is generally fixed throughout the contract. You are thus sure to pay the same amount until the total repayment of the loan.

How to get it?

Even if the bank does not necessarily ask you why you want to buy an installment loan, it does not automatically give you the money you want. Before accepting your file, it first ensures that you meet all the conditions of acceptance. In other words, it verifies that you have the necessary repayment capabilities.

So that your file is accepted, you must ask for a sum that you are able to repay without difficulty. To determine what capital to borrow, determine your sources of income (wages, compensatory benefits, unemployment benefits, allowances, etc.) and amputate your personal expenses. You will see your monthly repayment capacity.