Borrow? It is the right time!

We repeat for several weeks, rates are at their lowest and the trend seems stable.

In addition, the state participates in this period favorable to the loan by easing the conditions for granting the loan at zero rate and increasing its ceiling. So it is better to ask the following question: Would not it be worth going into debt to get rich?

Banks in competition

As each beginning of the year, banks compete strongly in customer acquisition via the mortgage channel. Also, has been able to pass 1.75% over 20 years on the best profiles. This low interest rate level should encourage buyers to move forward on their projects. As for the owners, there is still time to renegotiate his loan .

In addition to the favorable rates, first-time buyers, that is to say, homes that have not been owners of their principal residence for at least 2 years, can benefit from promo loan . On the west, one establishment offers for example € 10,000 to 1% while another offers a complementary loan of € 15,000 to 0% for this target. So many additional loans to reduce the cost of your credit!

Loans helped more and more interesting

As mentioned in our previous article , the zero-rate loan has been revised, allowing a large majority of households to benefit from it under much more favorable conditions than before.

However, there is not only the zero interest loan to facilitate your access to credit. There is also a zero interest eco loan for energy renovation works. From a maximum of € 30,000 to 0% , this loan can now be easily connected to a financial package during an acquisition or subscribed later.

Employees in the private sector will be able to take advantage of the employer loan of up to € 10,000 at 1%, while public sector employees will be able to benefit from certain specific schemes by obtaining loans at a reduced rate. For example, military members may benefit from a home ownership loan of up to € 16,000 at 0% , subject to certain conditions.

The loan broker: Your best ally

There are many devices on the mortgage market. Our teams support you by searching for you the best financing solutions as well as the devices to which you would be entitled. We are the intermediary between you and the banks and negotiate for you your mortgage and its conditions.