Ask for private equity loans

Private equity loans are presented as a reliable and effective option for these cases, especially for those in which speed is a key factor.

Each time our personal finances are more complex and require more effort on our part to monitor them: to a large extent, our small economy falls on loans , monthly payments, savings plans, bills, debts … which can not always be predicted from penny to penny .

It can be in these cases in which our contingency plan is not enough or, directly, does not exist, that a lack of solvency can be a serious problem, since there are situations in which payments can not wait.

For these delicate moments, private equity loans are a competitive, serious and reasonable solution to the shortage of liquidity and the need for immediate assistance.


How do private equity loans work?

Private capital loans find their main creditors in individuals who put their capital at the disposal of the borrower, accepting as security of payment an asset that, usually, is usually a property.

Due to the private origin of capital, these loans work differently than conventional banks, with their own characteristics that may be advantageous in special cases. Therefore, private equity loans are a valuable option for those economic situations of a certain delicacy.

Can you ask for a loan at a complicated personal time?

Conventional banks, and especially in the wake of the credit crisis, establish tough restrictions by law that make it difficult to obtain a loan. In the case of private capital, the law establishes other parameters that facilitate a financial solution for people who are in a complicated situation.

These are some of the most common.

No payroll or endorsement

It is quite common to find ourselves at times when we can not justify income. Temporary jobs, income with an important seasonality, an economic imbalance during unemployment, or the nature of self-employment are some of the cases in which presenting a payroll can be impossible mission.

The same applies to the guarantee: if we do not have a third person who can take over the guarantee of payment of our debt obligation, the bank will close the door when requesting assistance. With these characteristics, it is most likely that a traditional bank will deny us a loan.

However, private equity entities can respond to this type of situation in an effective, accessible and fast manner. In this way, we can deal with the due dates of our bills in a moment of urgency, without having to regret that an economic blip becomes an endless spiral of debt.

For this, the ideal is to find a financial solution that also gives us easy payment, adapting it to our circumstances and accommodating the quota system to our possibilities.

In order to appear on your lists, the following assumptions must be made:

-The existence of a past due debt that has been unpaid, on which there is no doubt in matters such as its origin or amount.

-A requirement of payment, prior to the debt.

-The debt must have, at least 4 months old.

-That no document can prove that the debt does not exist.

If we have any pending debt, these conditions are given and our name or that of our company is among its files, we will have serious problems to obtain a financial solution from our bank. And it is unlikely that they will grant us a loan with ASNEF .

Therefore, the most advisable thing is that we request a quick loan, even with ASNEF and RAI, that allows us to pay off our debt with the entity that claims it and thus be able to request our cancellation in the list of defaulters. In this way, we will make sure to clean up our history and avoid problems with future companies that we hire and that have access to these files.

At the same time, we are returning the private loan little by little, in comfortable installments that we will have chosen with the help of an advisor after an in-depth study of our case.

Without reaching the end of the month

Everyone goes through a rough patch, but what to do if it goes on too long? It is not uncommon to see yourself once in a dynamic of expenses and debts in which we see our salary volatilize between payments and pending receipts, even before having crossed the middle of the month.

In addition, and thanks to the weight that we give to purchases under credit, we may not always calculate the scope of our domestic economy to the millimeter. Thus, any setback, however minimal, can cause our accounts to collapse.

It can also happen that a fine, or what is worse, the non-payment of the same and the consequent garnishment of the payroll, will lead us to an undesired situation.

In this type of case, it is possible that the bank does not consider us creditworthy to face a loan that allows us to deviate from this dynamic.

However, private equity loans will allow us to respond efficiently to our debts, refinancing our situation, reunifying payments and decongesting our fees. Thus, we will live more comfortable month by month and we can get out of the difficult economic moment that we are going through.

We help you find the financial solution you need

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