Apply for a mortgage loan by checking receipts for fees?

If you are an independent worker who charges for fees or assimilated wages, you can apply for a mortgage loan to buy your house or apartment.

In fact, the process could become easier and faster.

Who is considered an independent worker?

People who are not linked to a company through an employment contract, but through a service contract and are remunerated under the figure of fees or commissions. As can be doctors, psychologists, lawyers, independent consultants, architects, accountants, musicians, dentists, etc.


Previously, checking income as an independent was a slow process due to the amount of documents requested by financial institutions. The situation of each worker has to be analyzed in a specific way, since not being salaried does not mean that he is not subject to a mortgage or any type of loan.


To be able to apply for a mortgage loan as an independent, it is necessary that you can verify your income and that you have a formal job.

That is to say, that you are registered with the SAT and that you present your statements in a consistent manner. Learn more requirements here


I have cash income. Do you consider that income?

No, it is necessary that your income is verifiable.

What are the required documents?

  • Bank account statements for the last 6 months.
  • Having your CIEC password, if you do not have it, it is very easy to generate it here . We will automatically review your statements and fee receipts.


Is there another option where I ask for fewer documents?

In our company, we want to facilitate the application of your mortgage credit.

You will have the option to use the verismart technology , with which we made a private connection to the SAT. With your permission, we downloaded your last statements and that’s it. We do not save your password and your information travels encrypted to maintain your security and confidentiality.


With this option we can make a better analysis of your income and we could grant you a better rate. Also, you do not have to send any additional documents to check income .


In contrast, banks often ask you for a significant number of documents on several occasions. For example, they usually ask for 12 months of account statements, fees receipts, proof of tax status, descriptive letters of your current work, equity clarifications, etc. which translates into much longer response times and a much more exhausting user experience.


Would you like to know how much we pay you? Pre-approve without sending documents and without commitments.