Installment loan rate comparison

You have unfulfilled wishes? you are not alone.

Whether it is the new television, the holiday trip or even your own home: there are innumerable wishes, but they are not always immediately realizable. Some of us can help out with family loans or friends with a loan, but most people only stay away from the bank, the savings bank or a loan company to borrow money. For most, this is a big step. However, some people do not dare to walk away. Uncertainty and ignorance are often the reasons. In order to shed some light on this obscure topic, below you will find some facts that will hopefully calm you down and make you realize your wish. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstallment credit, there are essentially two types of credit that are dependent on the amount of credit: the small loan and the installment loan. The small loan is awarded on low loans. the exact amount is determined by the various credit institutions; there is no fixed amount. After passing a credit check, the small loan is awarded quickly and easily. the small loan has comparatively low interest rates and is therefore a sensible alternative to the installment loan. the installment loan is given out at higher lending sums and entails higher interest rates. In the installment loan, the term is set exactly and a fixed rate agreed, which must be repaid monthly.


Who can use an installment loan for what?

Anyone who has a regular income through a professional activity can take out an installment loan. this can of course be self-employed and freelancers in addition to employees, workers and officials. The regular income is the basic condition for the fixed monthly repayments. Proofs of income must be submitted for the granting of the loan. the possibilities to use an installment loan are innumerable.

Whether you need the money for a TV or a car, whether you want to travel or want to get married, whether you want to buy property in the form of a flat or a house, or, or, or …

it is already clear from this list that for some wishes only a small loan is necessary. Since a small loan is given so uncomplicated, no one should be afraid to take this step. because even a small fulfilled wish can lead to great luck! In addition to such wishes, there is another reason why you should take out an installment loan: You can repost or consolidate existing installment loans to reduce interest rates or rates. another way to save interest is to reschedule your dispo loan. As you can see, there are many reasons for taking a small loan or installment loan.


Where do you get an installment loan?

Of course, you can get an installment loan, both in the form of a small loan and an installment loan, from your bank or from one of the numerous other credit companies. the difficulty here is to choose a company. because: what do you decide for? What are the most important data for you? You will be confronted with many terms such as interest rate, term, special repayment, loan amount. One bank offers low interest rates with a 36-month interest rate commitment, while the other bank can offer you not so low interest rates with a 120-month interest rate commitment. what is better? Another important question is the one on the special repayment right. is this important for you, do you want to and can you make special repayments? if you can answer these questions for yourself, you are already a small step further. if you can not find an answer right away, you need to go deeper into the matter and learn a lot. In any case, you must first get information and make comparisons. However, as banks and credit institutions have such different priorities and approaches, it is often very difficult to get the information that matters most to them. This also discourages some people from seeking installment credit or small credit and making their dreams come true. if they dared and successfully collated all the data for comparison, they probably spent a lot of time. time that you could have used better elsewhere. Just save this time and contact our company! Our company finds the right lender for you and your needs from more than 400 banks, savings banks, insurances and building societies. It does not matter whether it is an installment loan or a small loan for your installment loan.


Key features of an installment loan

In the case of an installment loan, the most important question is what kind of loan is involved. The decision depends on whether you can take out a cheap small loan or whether it must be a high installment loan. The annual payment is determined, ie the annuity, consisting of the interest rate at which you receive the installment loan and the repayment. Furthermore, a loan term is agreed. This is the period in which you have to repay your loan. Some credit companies offer the opportunity to make special repayments. This will shorten the loan term. If you receive special payments in the form of holiday or Christmas bonus or bonus payments, a special repayment right may be very interesting for you. even though usually only a small percentage of the loan amount can be earmarked annually, it nevertheless means a considerable reduction in the debt installment and thus in the loan term.


How can I calculate an installment loan?

Our company offers you a credit comparison online to calculate your installment loan. On the website of an online finance specialist, you can use a credit calculator for your installment credit for free. There are several possibilities: With the help of a budget calculator, you can calculate the maximum credit amount of your installment loan, which results from predefined monthly installments and the term. If you use the credit installment calculator for help, you can determine the monthly installment of your installment loan from a predefined sum by changing the loan term. With the credit comparison calculator, up to five installment credits can be compared. All you need to do is enter the details of your loan offers and you will be given an overview from which you can make direct comparisons. You can not forego the most important aspect of any type of credit: you have to think about how much money you can spend each month on an installment plan. if you have determined this amount, our company will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right installment loan.