The one who said Fuck

Anne-Sophie Lesage, The one who said Fuck , ed. Audible Studios, July 2018

Celle qui a dit Fuck Audible

Alice is an over-stressed, “over-thinker” as a specialist likes to tell him. She ruminates too much in life, to the point of no longer being able to advance. Until the day when too much is too much: she will change (or try)!

In short:

This is the diary of Alice, a young thirty-something city-dweller over-stressed by her daily life, and who can no longer balance things between professional life, private life and everyday worries.
Like many of us, she ruminates all the episodes a little unpleasant that punctuate his days, to loop over in his brain and try to dissect any encrypted message that could have sent him.
The reality is that Alice, like many of us, does not get to RE-LA-TI-VI-SER. A big word, that Zen people love to throw wrongly and through, but which, for the over-stressed, is only a bottle in the sea: they can try, nothing helps, the little voice in their head never stops to dwell on everything.
Until the day when an electroshock will push Alice to send everything to walk: unsupportable work colleagues, chaotic couple life, friends reouts, knowledge that we would prefer never to have crossed … Too much is too much, and Alice does not can more. She decides to take back her life, and to do everything to see the day-to-day life on the right side.

Celle qui a dit FUCK insta

My opinion:

I’m usually not too focused on fictionalized personal development works (for proof, I did not at all hooked to my reading of Your second life begins when you understand that you have only one of Isabelle Giordano ). The one who said Fuck is nevertheless more interesting, insofar as it is a logbook, a sort of memento of situations in which I have been able to recognize myself on many occasions.
The audiobook format also appealed to me more for this type of book, as it is almost similar to non-fiction: we listen to Alice’s thoughts as a friend we would listen to spur on his problems and his sudden new philosophy of life.
I totally found myself in the character of Alice, who can not stop this oh-so-annoying voice in her head and makes her over-analyze all her experience, catastrophize each situation, mop up and imagine that life is only a bottomless pit in which one slips inexorably without having any control over one’s destiny.
There is something reassuring to listen to one’s intellectual and emotional journey: to say that we are not alone in this case, and that change is possible.
So I recommend the one who said Fuck (in audio book, with the intonations of the narrator, it’s even better, and sometimes much fun!) If you too, you are an “over-thinker” and you do not dream of only one thing at night: to silence that little voice in your head that never stops analyzing everything.

My grade :

3 étoiles

Thank you Audible for allowing me to listen to this title.

Murder in Abyssinia

Clément Oubrerie & Julie Birmant, Murder in Abyssinia ( Renée Stone # 1), ed. Dargaud, August 2018

Renée Stone T1 Meurtre en Abyssinie

This first volume of Renée Stone’s adventures takes us to Ethiopia during the inter-war years, when the successful novelist is invited to the coronation of the Emperor. Soon, the archaeologist and epigraphist John Malowan.and she find themselves on the trail of a treasure that will take them to the origins of our civilizations …

In brief:

Successful British novelist Renee Stone arrives in Addis Ababa for the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I. Upon arrival, she discovers sub-Saharan Africa (present-day Ethiopia) and meets an archaeologist and epigraphist rather ill-treated named John Malowan. Together, they decide to visit the area before the coronation. They discover, by the force of things, curious clues that will lead them on the trail of the origin of our civilizations, to the borders of present-day Iraq.

Excerpt from “Renée Stone (Volume 1): Murder in Abyssinia”, by Clément Oubrerie and Julie Birmant, ed. Dargaud, August 2018.


Meurtre en Abyssinie insta 1

My opinion:

I was immediately seduced by this first volume of the adventures of Renée Stone . My first archeology training aroused my curiosity and I noticed that the Renee Stone – John Malowan duo was reminiscent of the famous Agatha Christie and her husband archaeologist Sir Max Mallowan. knowledge on a dig site of the ancient city of Ur, Iraq)! There is no doubt, the saga Renée Stone is a brilliant tribute to this mythical couple: the writer and archaeologist.
The illustrations are very worked, and tinged with a certain “old” style, which plunges us even more deeply into the time of the 1930s and in this colonial style in which were bathed Africa and the Middle East at the beginning of the Twentieth century.
The narration is quite fluid, maybe sometimes too fast for my taste (it is a 64 pages album) but ends in a cliffhanger that makes us wait for the rest with great impatience!

Excerpt from “Renée Stone (Volume 1): Murder in Abyssinia”, by Clément Oubrerie and Julie Birmant, ed. Dargaud, August 2018.


My grade :

4 étoiles


Thanks to Editions Dargaud for allowing me to read this album.


With if and perhaps

Carène Ponte, With if and maybe , ed. Michel Lafon, May 2018

Avec des si et des peut être

Maxine teaches French in a high school in Savannah (-sur-Seine). She lives in collocation with a fervent follower of nature, and forms a trio of shock with her two best friends and fellow teachers. One evening, she wonders about the possibility of rewinding her life and taking a different path. The next morning, it’s in a whole new life that Maxine wakes up …

In short:

Maxine has a busy life. Between her high school students in Savannah, her two best female teachers with whom she spends most of her free time, her local vegan and dentist sister whom she sees as a descaling every two weeks, Maxine is pretty well surrounded .
Nevertheless, she can not help but rethink this event that has prevented many years ago to pass the competition journalism. In the same way, the death of his grandmother “by his fault”, while Maxine was driving, continues to haunt her.

” It’s tempting to think that things did not go the way they should, complaining, imagining other scenarios. In reality, it is hiding behind a lie, because it is often difficult to assume who you are. (369)

And if Maxine had made different choices, what would her life be like today?

” Do the things that happen to us are random? Or will they happen to us anyway, whatever our choices? (P.111)

One evening, while listening to a radio show, an author presents her new book whose theme is precisely the different paths that we take in life. Maxine can not help but rethink all the decisions she would have liked to change in her past life.
The next morning, she wakes up in the body of another version of her. His wish has been granted. But at what cost ?

Avec des si et des peut être insta

My opinion:

With if and perhaps is the second novel that I read of Carène Ponte, and I am still conquered. After You promised that you would live for me , this new novel is still as pleasant to devour.
We laugh about this funny heroine who could be the worthy sister of Bridget Jones, but we are also touched by her doubts, anxieties and hopes … which are finally not so far from ours.
One can not help but recognize oneself in all his existential questions, which one often keeps for oneself.
Who has never thought, ” What if I did things differently … Maybe my life would be better? “

” I do not see how bad it is to want to know where we would be if we had made other choices. Lots of people would like to know, heaps! Except that I saw him. And that I do not know how, why, or it’s definitive. “(Pp. 227-228)

The sometimes very moving twists caused by the different choices of Maxine make us all things. To change an element of one’s life is also sometimes to see other parts of one’s existence that one wanted to change or even disappear. And that makes us relativize on our own paths of life.

” What’s the use of wondering about something that has not happened and will never happen … What can it do if it is not to hurt itself? It’s like that. To rewrite one’s life is also to take the risk of modifying things that are important. A bit like there were side effects. So no, I do not wonder. I live in the present, I look ahead and I move on. »(325)

With if and perhaps there are many inspiring passages. Carène Ponte is transformed into Master Yoda to deliver lessons of life on which we can meditate for a long time while waiting until his next novel!
Here are some excerpts:

” You have the job you have, you like it, all the better, you do not like it, you change it. If one must begin to wonder what one should have done in the past, there is little chance of living in the present. “(294)

” When you really want something, that it is important to us, nothing can stop us. (347)

” When one is homosexual, one is obliged to announce it. Like a new one. As one can announce a birth or a burial. You straight guys do not have that problem. No need to gather everyone on Christmas Eve, get up to toast and say, after taking a deep breath: I have a news, that’s it, I think I’m heterosexual. (P.36)

This last thought signed Carène Ponte reminded me strongly the film Love, Simon who develops the same reflection.
If all these little excerpts inspired you, go devouring With if and maybe Carène Ponte. You will have a good time reading while also asking yourself about your way of understanding your life, and you will finally allow yourself to be more conciliatory with yourself.

My grade :

4 étoiles

Thanks to Carène Ponte and Ed. Michel Lafon for allowing me to read this novel.


Brightening the Darkness

Nicolas Bouchard, Lightening the Darkness , ed. Snag, June 7, 2018

Éclaircir les ténèbres

The philosopher René Descartes and a troop of mercenaries leave a village in the depths of France forces of evil.

In brief:

The village of Ouraos is trapped in a terrible curse. The forces of evil were invoked and the valley found itself isolated and in contact with infernal creatures. The young Hugues d’Ouraos, on the recommendation of Cardinal Richelieu, goes to Paris to form a troop of mercenaries who will help him fight the demons who have taken possession of his region. René Descartes, based in Flanders, is the last to join the group. His sharp mind will be a formidable weapon against unexplained supernatural phenomena.

Éclaircir les ténèbres insta

My opinion:

I was intrigued by the small publishing house Snag, which I had never heard of and whose Lightening the darkness is one of the first two titles. Specialized in young adult French literature, she promises pretty upcoming releases.
Ably mixing historical novel and fantastic plot, I could not not discover this novel! The fact that a famous philosopher embodies one of the main roles was also one of the decisive factors in my case (I am not without recalling my penchant for the saga Voltaire leads the investigation of Frédéric Lenormand). Here again, the investigations of René Descartes are apparently planned in several volumes.
I was pleasantly surprised by Lightening Darkness . The writing of Nicolas Bouchard is very fluid, pleasant and immerses you in the seventeenth century. He manages to give life to this distant time, but also to instill character in the famous philosopher Descartes, author of the Method .
However, I regretted too many shells and phrases not removed during the correction of the book (which would have deserved a second), I sometimes too often feel to read non-corrected tests while I had in my hands the definitive work. But this does not affect the author’s novel and the quality of his work, they are only editorial details that he should not suffer.
If you like the History of France but also the paranormal quests, go ahead to clarify the darkness of Nicolas Bouchard, I hope you enjoy this first tome!

My grade :

3 étoiles

Thanks to Editions Snag for allowing me to read this book.


The hungry

Léa Frédeval, The Hungry , ed. Bayard, May 23, 2018

Les Affamés

Chronicles of a youth that leaves nothing!

The Hungry portrays a generation that feels that it does not have a place in society, but that does not shrink from adversity.

In short:

The hungry is not a novel. It is a succession of chronicles telling the daily life and galleys of a young generation that seems abandoned, drifting. Léa Frédeval talks about what she knew, it feels the lived and her words resonate in each of us.
Studies, galleys, odd jobs, internships, housing, looking for a first real job … everything goes.

” In short, when I study, I feel useless, when I work, I feel less-than-nothing and when I’m in training, I feel worn.
Maybe you know what I’m talking about … “(p.10)

” Because we are young, we have to accept all the bushings that life balances us with? Because we are young, we must be grateful to be hired as trainee to replace a real job? Because we are young, we live better than others in nine square meters? Because we are young, we have more capacity to work 75 hours a week cumulating student life, job and internship? Is it a joke or just a conspiracy between individuals over 30 years of age to clear themselves from living this way? (P.20)

Les Affamés insta

My opinion:

With a sharp pen but always full of accuracy, Léa Frédeval chronicles the daily life of young people and we can not help but agree because we recognize in all these situations. We are just as revolted and somewhere, it feels good, to say that we are not alone, even if at bottom, it is even more serious.
These chronicles are a pavement in the fed up, especially intended for the generation which precedes us, that which holds our future in his hands. The famous generation 68, the one that has yet struggled for new privileges, the recognition of its youth, but seems to have quickly forgotten its claims since others that it is now concerned.

” You, the true adults. I am indignant to see how the youth of today is considered, judged, cataloged. I am angry with those who use us. I want to challenge those who were there before us. Those who have forgotten how complex and tedious it is to know who you are, where you are going and especially why you go there. I also write for those who like to think that our rants are made to give us a genre. I want to explain why we are tired at the beginning of our lives. Report on the exhaustion of a generation that has just been born. (P.16)

I could water you with quotations from this superb collection of revolting thoughts. I annotated it so much that it would not fit into the simple quote. This is to say how much I advise you to read The Hungry , especially if you feel bad in your situation of young, precarious, hurrying like a lemon and if your future seems more than compromised. If you do not feel better, you will finally have the feeling of being understood, and perhaps the most important: the certainty of not being isolated.

My grade :

4 étoiles

Thanks to Editions Bayard for allowing me to read this book.


After you

Jojo Moyes, After you (The trilogy of Lou # 2), ed. Hardigan, May 2016


Après toi Audible

To escape criticism following his first job with Will, Lou left his small town to move to London. Chaining the galleys, she makes the discovery of a person who will plunge into the life she hopes to put behind her.

Be careful, the rest of this column contains spoilers if you have not read Before You by Jojo Moyes.


In brief:

A year and a half after Will’s death, Lou decides to leave his hometown to start all over again in London. But turning the page seems more complicated than expected, especially when we chained the setbacks and odd jobs. While Lou’s convictions wobble seriously, she meets a person who will plunge her back, whether she likes it or not, into Will’s life in the most disconcerting way.
Will Lou manage to build a new life, and make peace with her past and her reminiscences?

Après toi Insta 2

My opinion:

I loved Jojo Moyes’ Before You , the previous novel about what now turns out to be a trilogy (it seemed to me, and I still find, that Before you should have been self-sufficient ).
I had some reluctance to read (or listen to) this book, because I had heard several negative opinions … and I was afraid that my very good feeling of the first volume was ruined by After you .
This was not the case, although I still believe that this was not necessary. If you read Before you but want to stop there, free to you. If you want to continue the adventures of Lou and get to know her better in her quest for a new life, then go for a read (or listen) After you !
I found this second part sympathetic, without it being the reading of the year (nothing could match Before you , I think you’ve understood).
Nevertheless, I had a good time reading (listening) and the character of Lou is still endearing and blunder. She has made me smile many times, and that’s what I remember from this novel.
Regarding the audio version, Lou’s voice was very much in sync with his character, but the alternations in the dialogs were sometimes complicated to grasp because the intonations may not vary enough. It was not a problem, however, to appreciate my listening.

My grade :

3 étoiles

Thank you Audible for allowing me to listen to this audiobook.

The Return of Arsene Lupine

Frédéric Lenormand, The Return of Arsene Lupine , ed. of the Mask, October 2018

Le Retour dArsène Lupin

Arsene Lupine narrowly escaped incarceration. He must make a cross on his petty larceny. He suffers from an “acute robbery”. But he is saved: his psychoanalyst enjoins him to help the widow and the orphan to distract his kleptomania.

In short:

Arsene Lupine almost made the burglary too much, the one that would have sentenced him to a life of recluse behind bars. Fortunately, his good doctor Kloucke has the remedy for all his ills: a radical detoxification cure. Eradicate the “robbery” of his patient by any means.

“If you want to progress,” said Kloucke, “you must agree to force yourself into our little cure of abstinence. In my opinion, it’s a matter of life and death. Your therapy will be to stop stealing people for a few weeks. Then we can take stock of your burglars impulses.
Lupine had a terrible time considering it.
– Let’s say that I will steal only the rich!
– No.
– Only legal persons!
– No more.
– Banks, at least?
– Especially not the banks.
– And the state? It does not hurt anyone! There are so many museums everywhere!
“If I said yes, all the masterpieces of the Louvre would soon be in your cellars.
Lupine was tempted to answer that they were already there. »(Page 24)

Lupine takes his trouble. And circumstances put him on the path of a weeping widow who publicly deplores the loss of one of his finest possessions. Arrived on the scene, our good Arsène realizes very quickly the annoying turn that the whole business is about to take. If he is – for once – not the author of this flight, he is surprised to unravel the ball of wool better than all the forces of the Paris Police sent for the occasion.
Farewell Arsene burglar, hello Lupine detective.

“Since he was deprived of theft and fraud, his sense of fairness had tended to take the place left free in his preoccupations, the lupine nature hated the void. He felt like those opiate addicts trying to detoxify with cocaine. »(P.200)

The widow Bovarov has lost an invaluable picture: a self-portrait of Delacroix, who suddenly reappears all over the city, in different versions. Lupine, under his many identities according to the occasion (private detective, rich heir of the Russian empire …) leads the investigation and is not at the end of his surprises, and many encounters more exotic and incredible than others: Mata Hari, Pablo Picasso, to name but a few …

Le Retour dArsène Lupin insta

My opinion:

New historical character who comes back to life under the sharp pen of Frédéric Lenormand, Arsène Lupine will not disappoint you!
Highly colored, impertinent, amoral and profoundly isolated in society through his maternal inheritance, he fills the void left in him by this solitude by committing incessant theft.
Nevertheless, his conscience enjoins him to put an end to it, and it is his therapist who leads him on the path of redemption.
Arsène Lupine, from the criminal to the vigilante, gives us a caustic vision of the society of his time, and Frédéric Lenormand does him honor by giving him life, and his voice!
The spades are numerous, and particularly tasty.

“It is true that you are very strong. May be too much. Perhaps I made a mistake in committing myself.
“Competence is not a fault, dear lady.
– Yes Yes. Usually I’m just using fools. I am not used to that.
– You will see, smart people also have their qualities. “(P.58)

“At the Sûreté, the phone rang for a long time from one end of the corridor to the other. We did not have posts everywhere. The police were introduced to modern techniques, but slowly, so as not to confuse the staff. (P.69)

I strongly advise you to read the Return of Arsene Lupine , if you liked the saga Voltaire leads the investigation and that the humor pluck without laughs of Frédéric Lenormand you miss too much to pass to other literary genres … you will be served on a silver platter by the master of historical investigations and incredible situations totally assumed!
* Handcuffs are not provided with the book.

“From room to room, in socks, a candle in his hand, he pleasantly renewed his favorite sport, without derogating from the pact concluded with his therapist, since it was without mercantile purpose. The reprehensible acts for the benefit of the property were an exhilarating exercise, he was the Robin Hood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. “(182)


My grade :

4 étoiles

Thank you to the author and editions of the Mask for allowing me to read this book.



Stephen King, Salem , ed. The Pocketbook, 2009


VO Title: Salem’s Lot 

In 1970, the writer Ben Mears returns to Salem, a small town in Maine where he grew up, to draw inspiration for his next novel. The scary house that everyone calls Marsten House is still standing on the hill, and curious people are once again occupying the building, long neglected since a tragic and bloody incident many years ago.

In Brief: Writer Ben Mears returns to Salem, Maine, the city that has seen him grow, to write his next novel. The house of Marsten House which dominates the city left him a memory for the least traumatic. Following a bet with other children, he had entered the abandoned building, climbed the stairs leading upstairs, and opened the attic door … to discover the horror vision of the corpse of Hubert Marsten, hanging from a beam.
Because decades ago, a tragedy struck Marsten House. Hubert Marsten, in a stroke of madness, had murdered his wife and hanged himself in his attic.
This supernatural scene haunts Ben Mears for all these years, and he is determined to shed light on the mysteries of Marsten House, through his next novel, like an exorcism, many years later.

” We would all be terrified if we knew what’s in everyone’s head. Do you know why Poe was a great writer? And Machen, and Lovecraft? Because they had a pipeline connected directly to the subconscious. Where fears and shameful impulses swim like phosphorescent fish in the darkness. That’s what I’m looking for. These are the catches I covet. “(761)

At the same time, newcomers arrive in town and acquire the home. Who are they and why no one ever sees them? And what is this mysterious light emanating from Marsten House’s attic window every night? A lot of questions that will piss the spirits of the Salem people, and Ben Mears will have to find the answers.


Salem insta

My opinion:

Contrary to what its title might suggest, Salem is not a story of witches. Other creatures haunt the city, and the evil originates in the depths of Marsten House.

” I think this house could be Hubert Marsten’s monument to evil, a kind of psychic resonance plate. A lighthouse of the supernatural if you prefer. Raised there since that fatal time, and perhaps retaining in its dusty plaster the very essence of Hubert Marsten’s evil.
And now the house is inhabited again.
And there was a new disappearance. (202)

I prefer not to reveal too much about Salem because I myself did not try to know what the novel was about before diving into it: and I loved to let myself be carried away by the fascinating and frightening intrigue led by Stephen King.
The first part of the novel is mainly a setting in atmosphere, where the reader gets acquainted with the city of Salem, its inhabitants, their daily life and this heavy atmosphere which weighs on the places when Ben Mears returns in the footsteps of his childhood .
Little by little, the pieces of the puzzle are put in place, and when we begin to understand, it is already too late.
It is this reading experience that I would like to let you live in your turn.
Salem was Stephen King’s first novel I was reading, and I was not disappointed. According to his words, and those of many readers, Salem is undoubtedly, in the category of his paranormal writings, the best.

” I think Salem’s Lot , despite all its faults, is one of my best novels. One of the scariest too. If you did not know it yet, I tell you … And if you already knew it, I’ll tell you again … So turn off the television – and why not all the lights, as long as you’re there (except the one above your reading chair!) – and now let’s talk about vampires in the dim light. I think, objectively, to make you believe in their existence, because when I wrote this book, I believed it myself. ”
– Stephen King, June 15, 2005

Salem will make you shudder, and you still can not stop yourself from turning pages to know … it’s a kind of literary drug, better than a horror movie, in which you hide your eyes with both hands but open your fingers to see what you dread most. Salem will make you find your child’s soul, the one who was afraid of the dark … and perhaps rightly so.

” But before falling asleep, he found himself thinking, as he often did, of the strangeness of adults. They had to take laxatives, alcohol, sleeping pills, to escape their anxieties and to sleep; and yet, as their fears were ordinary and easy to master! work, money; what will the school teacher think if I can not buy new clothes from Jennie? does my wife still love me? where are my true friends? How dull they looked beside the terrors that every child finds at night, in the darkness of his room, without any hope of being understood by anyone except another child! There is no group therapy, no psychoanalytic treatment, no social assistance provided for the kid who must, night after night, face alone the obscure threat of all these things we do not see but who are there, ready to pounce, under the bed, in the cellar, wherever the eye can not pierce the black. The only way of salvation is the sclerosis of the imagination, in other words the transition to the adult state. “(390-391)

If this long excerpt did not convince you to throw yourself on Salem during your next visit to the bookstore or the library of your neighborhood, I do not know what to say to convert you, except that reading this novel made me wonder why I had waited so long before finally discovering Stephen King’s incomparable pen!

My grade :

5 étoiles


Think of the sweetness of Clémentine Beauvais

Clémentine Beauvais, Dream of gentleness , ed. Points, June 7, 2018

Songe à la douceur

Tatiana and Eugene met as teenagers, but their fates were not ready to intermingle. A decade later, their paths cross again …

In short:

Tatiana was 14 years old, Eugene was 17. By the chance of a mutual friend, they meet and their personalities collide. But perhaps they were not ready to mix their lives …
About ten years later, the time has passed, the experiments too. Eugene and Tatiana meet again in a row 14 train, leading them to the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand. Tatiana is a great specialist of the painter Caillebotte, Eugène imagines that she is too good for him. But Tatiana obsesses him, and he will not stop trying to make up for lost time …

Songe à la douceur insta

My opinion:

I had heard many good novels of Clémentine Beauvais, including the Little Queens . Dreaming of sweetness is the first novel of this author that I read (although I had already read, and much loved, Inseparable Sarah Crossan, Clémentine Beauvais had translated into French).
I did not expect this type of story with regard to Dreams of sweetness . Originally published by Sarbacane, it is not a novel that I would categorize in the category of youth (or young adult ), although I do not generally like to affix labels to books. Let’s just say that the subject of the novel surprised me to say the least.
Think of the sweetness is written in free verse (and not in prose). It did not bother me, quite the contrary. It is quite destabilizing at first, but it creates a very particular rhythm of reading and I find that these verses contributed to make me appreciate the novel.
Unfortunately, as far as the story itself is concerned, I was not captivated, let alone seduced … This is very personal, but I found the story quite nondescript. Once again, perhaps the fact that this novel has been so critically acclaimed has helped to give me expectations that have unfortunately not been met.
I leave you nevertheless the only judge of this work, if you wish to discover it by yourself: positive point, Dream with the sweetness just out in pocket format, it is thus the occasion to try!

My grade :

2 étoiles

Thanks to Editions Points for allowing me to discover this book.



Stephen King, Misery , ed. The Pocketbook, 2002


VO Title: Misery 

Paul Sheldon is a renowned writer. While he just ended the life of his heroine Misery, and thus the mythical saga of novels that made his success, a car accident on a country road will change his life. “Her admirer number one” crosses her path … and does not appreciate the outcome of his favorite novels, for his greatest misfortune.

In brief:

Paul Sheldon is a writer made famous by his historical romance saga featuring a heroine named Misery. Tired of this prose, Paul longs for other writings. He puts an end to this series of novels by killing Misery in the last opus.

” They wanted Misery, Misery, Misery. Whenever he had taken a year or two to write one of his other novels – those who had represented his “serious” work for him, at first with certainty, then with hope and finally with a kind of sinister despair – he had received heaps of protest letters from these women, many of whom signed “your number one admirer”. (P.50)

As he moved away into the countryside to finish his new novel, a much more accomplished work according to him, Paul Sheldon has a car accident.
He is collected by Annie Wilkes, who brings him home and locks him up in a guest room “to look after him and look after him” because he is “his number one admirer”.
But the end of the last part of the saga of Misery is not the taste of Annie … for the greatest misfortune of Paul, who is forced to write a sequel, especially for his kidnapper and executioner.

” But of course, it was not Annie who was Scheherazade: it was him. And if what he wrote was good enough, if she could not think of killing him until she’d found out how the story ended, no matter how much her animal instincts claimed her blood…
Did not he have a chance? (P.108)


Misery insta 1

My opinion:

I had heard a lot of good from Stephen King’s Misery , which for once has nothing paranormal, but offers us a masterful thriller!
Misery is an almost in camera, where the hero, Paul Sheldon, is martyred for nearly 500 pages by a fan (atique) completely crazy and desperate to satisfy his delirious impulses.
Despite the fact that the setting of the novel does not vary greatly, we do not get bored for a single second, quite the opposite: the tension accumulates gradually, to reach the height of horror (and even when the situation is already unsustainable, and we wonder how it could be worse … we are not at the end of our surprises).
Interesting fact: Paul Sheldon is forced to write a sequel to the latest Misery album. Some chapters are made up of the manuscripts he writes as he is being held. Misery immerses us even more in Paul’s head, to our horror … but to the delight of the reader that we are!
Misery is Stephen King’s second novel that I read after Salem . Once again, I find that the end of it is also perfect, and puts our nerves to the test … until the very last line of the novel.
I noticed that Stephen King multiplies the personal references in his novels (at least in the two that I have read so far, remain modest). In Salem and Misery , the heroes are successful writers, who question their world and the human functioning.

” The idea that it was absurd to feel sorry for the death of a fictional character did not fail to cross his mind as he turned and turned in his bed. For that was exactly what he was feeling: grief. (374)

” Every author of fictional” bestsellers “, he supposed, had to have his own personal example of a reader completely spellbound by the world of pretense he had created … so many examples of the Scheherazade complex, Paul was said […]. (375)

The car accident also seems to be a rather recurring theme in Stephen King, because of his personal history … should we see there a kind of psychoanalysis by writing, or exorcism?
This second book read, I still wanted to continue to discover the writings of Stephen King. I continued with an unpublished novel, co-written with Richard Chizmar, titled Gwendy and the Button Box and recently published in the Pocket Book. You will have my opinion on it very soon.
In any case, I intend to continue my momentum and continue to discover the world of this incredible and unparalleled author!

My grade :

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